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In today's culture there are so many different concerns plaguing people both within the United States and all around the world; a universal call toward awareness for important health concerns, social causes, and support groups. In an effort to help spread the word about these very dire and, at times, personal concerns, Obsidian-Siren and peterdawes have started the Awareness Ribbon Campaign. Each week, we will introduce a new ribbon raising awareness for a specific cause, providing information on the cause and a way you can help.

Each Sunday evening, we will introduce a new ribbon into the spotlight. (Unless there is a demand to continue a specific theme for an additional week. Keep an eye on our journals for updates.) After introducing the next theme, we will submit a news article featuring all of the submissions for the previous week.

This Week's Theme - Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Ribbon by Obsidian-Siren

One explosive term forms an umbrella, underneath which we find the words "incest", "rape", and "abuse". It can impact child and adult alike; be part of a domestic violence dispute or a random attack. The victims all too often bear their crosses silently and the attackers can look as ordinary as you or me.

Specific Offenses: (May vary according to Jurisdiction)

Sodomy and Buggery · Bestiality · Rape
Statutory rape · Incest · Extreme pornography
Sexual assault · Public indecency · Adultery
Sexual Abuse · Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual harassment · Prostitution and Pimping
Deviant sexual intercourse · Child pornography
Child grooming · Prostitution of children

Here are some statistics on sexual assault:

* 1 out of every 6 American women and 3% of American men — or 1 in 33  — have been the victims of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

* 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12. 7% of girls in grades 5-8 and 12% of girls in grades 9-12 said they had been sexually abused. 93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker.

* In 2006, there were 272,350 victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. (These figures do not include victims 12 years old or younger.)

* Approximately 73% of rape victims know their assailants. And only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail.

* Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

Victims of sexual assault are:

* 3 times more likely to suffer from depression.

* 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

* 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol.

* 26 times more likely to abuse drugs.

* 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.

How You Can Help

* Create a piece of original art speaking out against sexual assault.

* Write a story, poem, or piece of personal commentary on the subject.

* Create a button or a stamp helping to raise awareness.

* Create a journal talking about sexual assault, helping to raise awareness.

Or, you can provide us with the link to something you already have in your gallery.

We will feature your deviation in the journals of Obsidian-Siren and peterdawes. We will also submit another news article at the end of this campaign listing all of the deviations submitted and thanking everyone who featured the campaign in their journals. (Be sure to note Obsidian-Siren or peterdawes with the links to all deviation submissions.)

If You Are a Victim of Sexual Assault

There is help available for you!

The Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network has information available on their website and a hotline available for you, both online and via their phone number: 1-800-656-HOPE.

You can also search for a local rape crisis center/sexual assault help center here:

If there is anyone out there who would like to tell their story, but remain anonymous, tell your story, if that is your wish, by letting one of us know and we will publish it for you without your name attached. You will be assured your identity remain anonymous. If you wish to have a voice, please feel free to use us.

Thanks once again for helping us bring awareness to these horrific acts of violence, whether it be women, men or children, everyone matters.


Please note, we know the teal ribbon also represents the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Since these are two very sad and common causes needing awareness, we will run a campaign for OC later on in the months ahead.
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RinoaDestiny Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
Hi, I received your note and decided to see your DA page. I wasn't all that surprised to see this and I'm glad to see this being brought to attention. I feel like the world needs to hear or read this, because all too many people close their eyes or automatically go deaf when this is brought up because "it has nothing to do with me".

I have to say that writing even fiction on a rape survivor's aftermath is tough. I've never suffered from it before but after reading several accounts and trying to apply that to a fanfiction, I literally had to stop periodically because it's so overwhelming. Unlike the typical "hurt/comfort" fics where rape is dealt with and over within a matter of chapters, I'm attempting a very realistic attempt and the character's pain doesn't stop. All of the psychology is coming out and it hurts to even write it.

Completely 'ouch' to even think it, sometimes.

So I strongly support you in this. If you need anyone else to help in some way, shape, or form, I'll help. Gladly.
Deviant-Awareness Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
Hello there

I have added your project to my project collection in this journal.

If you do not wish to be on the list, or feel that I have categorized in inappropriately please tell me so.

This account is just being built up and I supposed to be a collection of everything on dA related to causes, including stamps, newsarticle, projects etc.
If you are interested in getting informed about this, you can feel free to watch the account ;).

fyredrago Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2008
Being a survivor of rape myself I find this to be a very good campaign.
Cyberknife Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2008
This is something that I love to see. :heart:

Every day is still a struggle for me, and I admire those who can speak freely about their experiences. I'm not there yet.
TerrorCookie Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2008
Thank you for this. :heart:

I had an experience with this myself and still I don't have the courage to share the details, so I admire people who can.

maikoneko Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thankyou for sharing this piece.
its quite shocking, that humans can act this way.
to this day, im still scared of most people.
bluewave Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008
Those stats are probably on the low side too, that is the most saddening thing. I think sometimes keeping it inside was better for me personally but I know it really wasn't better for society.

Sexual assault stays with you for your entire life and is very hard for some to talk about it. The abusers have a artful way of making you feel guilty or wrong. It is important we get victims to not keep blaming themselves. That in itself is a very hard challenge. We know what they do is wrong but it is extremely difficult to not put the blame on ourselves.

If we can feel safe we might be able to speak out more. That is one good thing about the anonymity of the internet, it gives us that bit of safety to talk a bit more than we would face to face. :hug:
LiquidCandyRainbow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional General Artist
I appreciate having this. I use a Psuedonym online and I have had to close my myspace account and not be associated with anyone from my highschool because of sexual assault. 3 almost 4 years later, I'm still hiding.

So thanks for the support and the statistics, and the awareness.
xcitykat Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
As horrifying as the statistics are, they are most likely incorrect as many sexual crimes go unreported for any number of reasons. There remains a belief that sometimes the victim "deserved" to be victimized because of his or her behavior or style of clothing - this is not only believed by the abuser but it is often internalized by the victim. The amount of shame that is experienced by males who were victims in childhood or adulthood is overwhelming, oftentimes the fear is that their masculinity will be in question. And in some societies, women are believed to be the property of the male of the household, be it father, brothers or husbands and as property do not have rights to their own body.

For personal reasons, I applaud your stance and your willingness approach such a difficult topic. Furthermore, I praise you for providing resources for those who have experienced sexual abuse. As much as I enjoy the wall of artwork that is often the subject of News, this article and you both as Deviants deserve a standing ovation for your actions on behalf of survivors. Thank you so much!
Bayho Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
I'm glad that this is up. And I agree with the person above me about how that kind of thing screwed up our world. I'll shortly be giving a poem and I want to do a button for you guys! That's so awesome how you guys are doing that. and I like how you guys actually mentioned the statistics of men whom were raped. Very nice, and this isn't bias at all. Thank you so much once again
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
sad to say this influences both genders. sad to say it happens at all, really. we appreciate your support a great deal and would be delighted to add anything you wanted compose or submit. thank you very kindly. :thanks:
I-STILL-ALIVE Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008   Writer
That's one of the horrible thing about our screwed up little world of ours. I know people who have had this happen and it makes me sick that they had to go through that. Anyways i wrote a poem/song about it and i was wondering how do i give you the link?
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
feel free to send it to either me or =Obsidian-Siren in a note. thank you very kindly for being willing to share that with us. :thanks:
colt51 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008
Linked in my journal!
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
thank you very kindly!
Yuna2007 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008
This is a very good campaign indeed, some ppl out there are not aware of just how often it really does happen. Being a survivor of childhood trama myself i know how even in ault hood it can affect the way you live your life and this campaign really hits close to home and i would just like to say Thank you for bring this campaign out and informing ppl just how often it really does happen. :hug:
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
:hug: and thank you for being brave enough to share even an overview of your story with us.
vivalamonica Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008
i agree with comment below...

very good!
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
thank you for your support, dear. :thanks:
Malandante Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
A very good campaign it happens all too often.
peterdawes Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Professional Writer
sad to say, it does.
we appreciate your support a great deal. :thanks:
Malandante Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Yes it is very sad. :hug:
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